Hog and Feed Market Price Change2019-08-08

Theaverage price of hog was 18 29 yuan kg nationwide, increasing by 10 28%month on month and increasing by 46 79%y View »

Company News2019-08-08

lShanying Paper plans to reduce the amount of convertible bonds from less than 2 656 billion RMBtoless than1 86 b View »

Forestry Resources and Policies News2019-08-08

lA draft revision of the forest law was submitted to the standing committee of the 13th National People& 39;s Co View »

BOABC Viewpoint: The business climate index of white broiler industry continued to rise in the first half of 2019, and the benefits of listed companies significantly increased2019-08-08

The supply of white broilers also was tight in the first half of 2019 Hog production capacity was reduced by View »

2019 Corn Output Would be 250 Million MT, down 3.0% from 2018 2019-08-08

In July, the hydrothermal conditionin most of north China and Huang-Huai Region was relativelygood, the temperature View »

Focus: 2019/20 Corn Output Would be 250 Million MT, and a Net Gap Between Production and Demand Would be 37 Million MT 2019-08-08

In July, the overall hydrothermal conditionin most areas of the north, and north China and Huang-Huai Region was View »

Why are egg prices soaring?2019-08-08

In July2019, the average wholesale price of eggsin China’s 36 large and medium-sized cities was8 34RMB Kg,upby View »

BOABC Viewpoint: China’s investment in layer farming totaled about 4 billion yuan in the first seven months of 2019, a newly increased capacity of 30 million birds2019-08-08

Since the beginning of 2015, the investment projects in layer industry have been increasing, and the investment h View »